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An Old Adage

Rain at New Year – you’ve nothing to fear.

Sun on the first – expect the worst.

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£23.92 and 6 hours

It’s NYE 2011. I’ve located a “disco fund” of £23.92. I have the means to have a good time. I have the determination to make it all work.

“You’ve been here before though” he’d say “you’ve done this in your head countless times.”

“Aye. You’re right there, son. So I have, but it’s different this time.”

The clock is ticking and I’m in a mood to move.

The clock is ticking and I can see the wall hurtling towards me from the horizon.

Get on board, now. Get yourself on board. On the train. On the journey.

You hear the tick-tick? I hear the tock between.

Happy New Year, everyone. Hold hands. Hold them tight, and never let go until you see the sun rise tomorrow.

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